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Industry Approved Medical Certifications 

Medical Certifications

Every offshore worker must undergo and pass an Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) Offshore Medical examination.

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Wind and renewable energy workers should undergo and pass a RenewableUK (RUK) Wind Turbine Medical examination.

The RUK medical certificate is designed to reflect issues specific to the wind and renewable energy sector, unlike alternative offshore medicals such as the OGUK offshore medical which is designed for the oil and gas sector.

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If you are going to work at sea, the Department of Transport requires you to hold a valid Seafarers’ Medical (ENG11) Certificate.

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Additional Medical Assessments

Medical Assessments

A Fit To Train Assessment relates to the risk of using Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Systems (CA-EBS) and is designed to ensure you are physically fit to use these systems.

This assessment is a mandatory prerequisite required for anybody using CA-EBS during training, for example BOSIET  FOET or HUET with CA-EBS.

A Fit To Train medical assessment includes;

  1. Questionnaire about respiratory, ear, nose and throat health
  2. Lung health assessment
  3. Face-to-face medical assessment

Bideltoid Measurement (or Shoulder Measurement) was introduced by Step Change in Safety in April 2015 along with a new size criteria for helicopter passengers travelling to and from offshore installations in the UK.

Following a review by the CAA, all passengers travelling offshore by helicopter will be required to sit in a seat where the nearest push-out emergency exit window is compatible with their body size.

As part of the new regulations, all helicopter passengers will now be measured by the width of their shoulders by specifically-trained trainers and medics.

Offshore personnel may also be nominated by their company or sponsor to complete a Chester Step Test as a simple assessment of cardio-respiratory fitness.

A Chester Step Test includes;

  1. Consultation with a health professional
  2. Completion of the Chester Step Test
  3. Report compiled on the test findings

Drug Screening of personnel may be required by the company or sponsor as part of the medical certification for their offshore or onshore job role.